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Jessica Walderby

Online Teacher, SnapLingo

Super helpful. I had absolutely no idea that you could even teach English online or what ESL before this. Thanks for saving me weeks of online research & introducing me to the world of Online Teaching!

Bernard Dunn

Online Teacher, ABC 360

This freebie is amazing. There's no bullshit. Just concise info & advice on what you need to do to get started teaching online and how to get an online job. You should charge for this!

Helene Xiu

Online Teacher, DaDa ABC.

I teach online for DaDa ABC. Laura has probably saved me on average $30 per month with her advice on how to get paid from online Chinese companies. Very grateful. Thank you. Thank you. 

About the company


Online English Teacher is an ESL recruitment and training company which helps people to start teaching English Online. They have a free job placement service, providing online teaching positions for hundreds of people every month. They also offer interview preparation calls and demo lesson practice sessions, ensuring that their customers become confident and well prepared online teachers.