Join our Affiliate Programme.

Earn $50 for every candidate you refer that starts

 teaching English online with one of our partner schools.*

Why become an affiliate partner?

Massive Returns!

There's no limit to how many teachers you can refer to us. We place approx 100 teachers in online schools every month. You get $50 for EVERY candidate you refer.

Plenty of choice!

We have partnered with 6 online schools so teachers have opportunities no matter how many hours a week they want to work or who they want to teach. 

Easily trackable!

 You can send candidates directly to us via email or else send them to our homepage to sign up for our job placement programme where they fill in your name in the "how did you find us" box.

How can you promote us?

Send applicants directly.

You can send any an email to with the applicant's resume, certifications and 1 minute introduction video.

Tell your students & alumni about us.

Newly credited TEFL grads & current students can teach English online. Mention us in any career guidance talks, meetings or Facebook groups.

Feature us on your website.

Write a blog post on your site with a link to our homepage or feature one our open teaching positions. If you're stuck for words, we'll write a blog post for you. 

Mention us in an email blast.

Mention us in an email to your audience. If you don't know what to say, we'd be happy to write it for you. 

Promote us on social media.

Share any of our content, quizzes, posts, company information or job positions on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc...

Online English Teacher is an ESL recruitment and training company, helping teachers to find online ESL teaching jobs.

Online English Teacher. Co

Online English Teacher is an ESL recruitment and training company which helps people to start teaching English Online. They have a free job placement service, providing online teaching positions for hundreds of people every month. They also offer interview preparation calls and demo lesson practice sessions, ensuring that their customers become confident and well prepared online teachers.